Women's Services Centre: Photography

Art in hospitals. Photographic commission by Dominic Pote for Gloucestershire Royal HospitalGloucestershire Royal Hospital’s £29m Women’s Centre, opened in January 2011, provides maternity services to the whole of Gloucestershire.

Willis Newson commissioned photographer Dominic Pote to create permanent artworks for the new building. Pote talked with members of staff to understand their journeys to work and their favourite places on the journey. He then echoed these discussions through nine photographic pieces installed in the new building – images of the varied local landscape which will resonate with the women and their families who use the Centre.

The artwork softens the impact of the clinical space and makes a connection with the natural environment to calm and reassure patients.

“My role was to bring a sense of sanctuary to the public spaces. I wanted to bring peaceful, calming and intriguing images of nature to these spaces where people will often be waiting and in need of some peaceful distraction.”

Dominic Pote