WN Design

Alison Milner artwork

WN Design creates beautiful, affordable interiors for healthcare. 

Our creative team have over 20 years’ experience of using art in healthcare. We can give you peace of mind by enabling you to make the best aesthetic and practical choices for your space, whilst working within your budget and programme.

WN Design delivers artwork & interiors which:

- are appropriate for your patients’ needs & suitable for your space
- support your staff in delivering quality care
- solve problems such as confusing layout, impersonal space
- are robust, easy to clean and compliant with infection control

For more information about WN Design please contact Bronwen Gwillim, Creative Director: bronwen@willisnewson.co.uk

Art & Interior Design for Healthcare

WN Design Healthcare Collections 

Our creative team have put together collections of images based on our experience of patient preferences and scientific research. Inspired by nature, they include painting, printmaking, photography and illustration. Our artists understand the healthcare setting and work closely with our creative team to provide beautiful, distinctive artworks for your environments.

We understand the needs of healthcare enviroments and have created our WN Design Healthcare Collections to make it easy for you to create a space which works for both patients and staff.

Visit our Collections page to learn more

Designed with patients in mind

Children and Young People 

We use art and design to create a friendly welcome so that little patients feel as secure and happy as possible during their treatment. WN Design packages can be tailored to help maximise healing for children and young people; alleviating anxiety with a fun design scheme and engaging distractions in waiting spaces.

Older Adults and Dementia

Our approach to creating dementia-friendly environments places emphasis on reducing the impact of the condition and supporting independence. This includes using carefully selected artworks, imagery and colours to achieve orientation and wayfinding, safety, caring, and meaningful activity goals.


We know through experience that patients facing cancer need a non-institutional environment which maximises patient dignity, privacy and comfort. We can work with you to choose artwork based on healing principles to provide a sensitive, beautiful therapeutic environment for your patients, staff and visitors.

Bereavement Suites & Sanctuary Spaces

Create a calm, sensitive and emotionally supportive environment in your viewing and waiting rooms to support delivery of bereavement services, or create a multi-purpose, multi-functional sanctuary space for patients and visitors to use. Our team can support you to create a space with a special ambience that respects the needs of bereaved friends and relatives. 


Our experience working in Cardiology units means that we understand patient and staff needs, and can recommend appropriate artworks which will engage and distract patients during lengthy procedures or which will create the right first impression of confident, effective care. 

Dave Bain artwork at Bristol Royal Infirmary


Imagery is an excellent way to improve navigation and wayfinding in healthcare environments. Beautiful feature walls can act as a landmark for guiding patients or create a positive first impression at entrances.

A creative, engaging approach to wayfinding can improve patient and visitor experience immeasurably. From receiving a warm welcome to soothe the nerves upon arrival, to easily locating the correct ward or treatment room once inside.

Guiding people with illustrations or photography, rather than by using numbers and lift lobbies creates a more human, non-institutional experience for patients and visitors of all ages. 



"The environment has a crucial role in supporting the delivery of higher quality and more cost-effective care."

NHS Health Building Note 03-01